Height: 6’2’’ - Eyes: Brown - Hair: Black



As The World Turns – Principle - Ian Toporoff

GMC/ESPN Monday Night Football - Principle - Hugo Cariss

HeckleU - Basketball Player - Adam Elend/Jeff Marks

Celebrity Ghost Stories - Mr. Robinson - Seth Jarrett

NY MTA Training Video (Industrial) - Platform Agent - Winston Mitchell

Bittersweets - Devon - Nuanse Entertainment

Dreams Come True (We’re at Nowhere) – Featured - Bob Giraldi

Unforgiven Promise – Lead - NYFA

Twin Power - Featured - UCLA Film School

Lenny Kravitz (Storm Remix) – Featured - Sanaa Hamri

Bully – Will - NYU



To Kill A Mockingbird d. Robert Kelley-Tom Robinson-TheatreWorks, MoutainView CFTPA

Much ado About Nothing d/Mike Alfreds – Benedick - Shakepeares Globe-Lon, En

Charlotte’s Web d/Rob Barron - Various Roles - TheatreWorksUSA

Affluenza! d/Maura Farver – Bernard - Theatre Row

Much Ado About Nothing – Benedick - Rutgers Theater Company

I’d Rather Be Falling d/Kevin Kittle - Various Roles - Rutgers Theater Company

Marshall’s Law d/Michelle Seaton -  Gus - Rutgers Theater Company

African Extravaganza d/Turron Kofi Alleyne – Grio - Rutgers Theater Company

Night of the Living Dead d/Brian Corbett – Ben - Rutgers Theater Company

The Winged Man d/Rachael Hip-Flores - Winged Man - Rutgers Theater Company

Ms Bingley-Harden d/Maura Farver - Narrator - Impact Theater



BFA-Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University

Chair: Israel Hicks

Head of Acting: Barbara Marchant

Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater-London, England

Acting: Mike Alfreds, Movement: Glynn Macdonald, Voice: Stewart Pearce


UCLA Summer Acting and Performance Institute, Institute Director: Patricia Harter


Special Skills:

British Academy of Dramatic Combat Certified (Rapier & Dagger, Hand to hand combat)

Dialects: (American Standard, American Classical, American Southern, Fluent Ebonics)

Basketball, Baseball, Football, Bowling, Running, Hip Hop Dance, Beat Boxing, Free Style Rap, Music Production, Death Voice, Licensed Lift Truck Operator (Fork Lift, Electric Power Jack) Valid Passport, Geek Squad Agent